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Sfizio srl is the manufacturer and distributor of the brand Eros Veneziani and is situated in Ceto ( BS ), a small town between wonderful mountains.

It is from the heart of the company that take shape the collections by Eros Veneziani, synonymous of seduction , dynamism and modernity, created with passion and professionalism ensuring a big selection of products for her and for him.

The idea, inspiration and taste are totally Italian; in fact it is the Made in Italy that marks our company, for over 20 years manufacturer on the market , over the years has become synonymous of style , reliability and sensuality.

We are faced with a wide choice, carful of the quality of the fabrics used strictly made in Italy.

The EV team is composed of Claudia Mirella and Aldo Monchieri where everyone has a directional task of its staff; their union allows a complete view of the realization of the products where nothing is left to chance, thanks to the deep experience of both cultivated over the years. In fact, their synergy and harmony is the secret of the brand Eros Veneziani.

The company is structured to meet the needs of the product, everything is made up inside of it:
  • - department for the study and creation of the models
  • - area offices, showroom and factory shop
  • - floor dedicated to cutting and manufacturing of the items
  • - a wide floor where the items are kept, packed and prepared for shipment
The wide choice of available products can always satisfy everyone even the most demanding, making magic every single moment, with a touch sexy and elegant.

What gives greater value to EV is the availability of all items in stock , ready to be shipped.

We hope to have created a unique collection for each of you.. we wish you a good vision.
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